Site Record

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Site Name Pecos Pueblo
Site# LA 625
State NM
Country United States
County San Miguel
City/Town Pecos

Associated Records

Image of 100633/65769 - Scraper

100633/65769 - Scraper

One porcelain body sherd. Hand-painted blue design on interior face, possibly from the Ming Dynasty. One of the end faces shows evidence of being worked for use as a scraper.

Image of 100633/65662 - Worked Sherd

100633/65662 - Worked Sherd

One sherd of plain, white, worked pottery. White slip on exterior, grey slip on interior.

Image of 100633/67491 - Figurine, Effigy

100633/67491 - Figurine, Effigy

Clay effigy, possibly a dog depicted.

Image of 100633/67513 - Figurine

100633/67513 - Figurine

Two clay effigies - ram's head and human.

Image of 100633/67529 - Figurine, Effigy

100633/67529 - Figurine, Effigy

Broken clay effigy; dog depicted

Image of 100633/68276 - Sherd

100633/68276 - Sherd

One sherd of red and black on whitish-grey pottery. Rim sherd of Glaze III bowl. Both the interior and exterior of the sherd are decorated. The interior of the sherd has a band decoration of unstalked oblique keys with additional parallel lines on the outside of the band. Two isosceles triangles are on the upper edge of the band immediately along the rim. The glaze color for the design is a luminous dark brown. The exterior decoration on the sherd is a red glazed design outlined with the luminous dark brown glaze. It is a bordered oblique red double key, that is free standing. The exterior of the sherd is blackened/burned on the bottom, likely from use. One small hole had been drilled

Image of 100633/73109 - Figurine, Effigy

100633/73109 - Figurine, Effigy

One clay effigy; unknown animal depicted.

Image of 100633/69101 - Pendant

100633/69101 - Pendant

One white, circular abalone shell pendant with one hole drilled in its center and a smaller hole near its edge. Edges have been notched.

Image of 100633/69107 - Pendant

100633/69107 - Pendant

One white, round abalone shell pendant. Two holes drilled along one edge.

Image of 100633/69335 - Sherd

100633/69335 - Sherd

One porcelain base sherd, possibly from the Ming Dynasty. Footring on exterior. Hand-painted blue design on interior face.

Image of 100633/69354 - Worked Sherd

100633/69354 - Worked Sherd

Two worked ceramic sherds. Black slip on interior and exterior surface. Circular disc with drilled hole at center.

Image of 100633/70070 - Bell

100633/70070 - Bell

One ceramic day bell; fragmentary.

Image of 100633/70084 - Candle Holder

100633/70084 - Candle Holder

Fragmentary ceramic candlestick.

Image of 100633/70629 - Pendant

100633/70629 - Pendant

One diorite pendant stone; Thin and oval plaque wtih two perforations at the smaller end.

Image of 100633/70706 - Pit

100633/70706 - Pit

Four peach pits.

Image of 100633/70707 - Pit

100633/70707 - Pit

One peach pit.

Image of 100633/70762 - Modified Shell

100633/70762 - Modified Shell

Three pieces of shell. Abalone shell has five holes drilled in a line across its surface. Another shell, spiral with a point and one small hole near the opening has thin orange stripes, some black smudges, and remnants of old wax.

Image of 100633/70821 - Horn

100633/70821 - Horn

Two whole buffalo horns.

Image of 100633/70918 - Sherd

100633/70918 - Sherd

One sherd of black on cream pottery. Rim sherd of Biscuit B type. The sherd is covered in a cream/off-white slip on both the interior and exterior of the sherd. The slip is eroded in some areas and the red of the body can be seen. The exterior of the sherd has the design of a bird figure on a base-stripe running parallel to the rim in a dark matte glaze. A small amount of black glaze is visible at the bottom edge of the sherd. The interior of the sherd is also decorated with a dark matte glaze. Three lines of dashes run vertical to the rim, conjoining in one horizontal line. These dashes form a paneled areas separted by broad open spaces between paneling lines. Beneath the horizontal li

Image of 100633/70930 - Sherd

100633/70930 - Sherd

One sherd of brown on grey-white pottery. Body sherd of Glaze VI type. The interior of the sherd does not have a slip applied, and is reddish-brown in color. The exterior of the sherd has a light grey/white slip with a luminous brown glaze. A thick glaze line takes up most of the sherd, with three verical lines branching out of the thick line along with three diagonal lines branching from the same point. The glaze also appears to have been runny when it was applied, creating an unclear edge to the lines.